Tool Design

Included here are some work-in-progress designs for the Planscape tool.

As the designs go through user research feedback, we anticipate them changing.
We welcome inputs from all potential tool users. Email to learn more about how to get involved.

Explore the Map

Toggle different map layers and multiple map views to gain deeper understanding of current conditions

Define a Planning Area

Draw a planning area of interest based on the insights gathered from exploring various map layers

Use Multi-map views

Compare up to 4 different map views to ensure your planning area covers the right spots

Create a Plan

Using your defined planning area, create a Plan, name it, and begin creating scenarios. You can also invite collaborators to your Plan.

Set priorities & constraints

Planscape uses your priorities and constraints to identify project area opportunities

Identify project areas

Planscape can generate project areas and include any pre-defined project areas with uploaded shape files

Edit project areas

Planscape provides editing tools to ensure project areas right are where they need to be, based on local expert knowledge

Explore scenarios

Explore scenarios with varied prioritizations & save ones you want to dive deeper into and compare with

More design mockups coming soon!